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OptinPlayer Quick Install

OptinPlayer has been designed from the beginning to be easy to install and configure. With just a few lines of HTML you will have a video that can be seen on all browsers and mobile platforms. The quick start guide here will show the simplest embed type implementation, see the links on the left to extend and add your opt-in forms etc.

The OptinPlayer wizard is a good place to start after you have uploaded the OptinPlayer folder to your server - go to the wizard now

1. Upload OptinPlayer™

Download the package from your account and unzip it somewhere on your computer. Upload the whole folder 'optinplayer' to your web server.

2. Add the script to the <head> of your page

Add the following line of code to the <head> of your page. If you uploaded the player folder to somewhere other than the root folder then modify accordingly:

<script type="text/javascript" src="optinplayer/scripts/oplayer.js"></script>

3. Add the embed code to the <body> of your page

To embed your video add the code below to wherever you want it to appear:

<div id="myVideo"></div>

<script type='text/javascript'>
new oplayer('myVideo').initialize(
      'content' : 'oplayer',
      'type' : 'embed',
      'flash' : 'http://www.myhost.com/oplayer/videos/myvideo.mp4',
      'html5' : 'http://www.myhost.com/oplayer/videos/myvideo.mp4',
      'width' : 570,
      'height' : 240

This example is a very simple 'embed' type video with just a few options used. To make a 'popup' type video replace 'embed' by 'popup'. For a full list of options see the help sections above.

4. Extending your video embed

Explore the full power of OptinPlayer in the links above - learn how to quickly add custom content layers and connect them to your video, how to use analytics, how to use the system for dhtml layers only and much more.

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