Positioning Video & Content

How to Position Video and Custom Content in the Page

Pixel-perfect positioning is possible in either Popup or Embed modes. Using Embed type you simply add the anchor as above which has the same name as your player instance. Using Popup type there are 2 options that we cover below.

Embed type

Add the anchor code into your page where you want the video to appear. You can optionally specify in-line css to the code to position it precisely where you need it to be if you find that the page layout does not allow this. For example:

<div id="myVideo" style = "margin-left:3px;margin-top:2px"></div>

Popup type

Popup videos can also be anchored to an HTML element if required, using optional offsets in x & y to position them exactly how you want. Or they can be absolutely positioned in one of 9 different locations.

(a) Anchoring a popup video

Use the anchor code in the same way as if this was an embed type:
<div id="myVideo"></div>

And in the player property list add:

      'anchored' : true,
      'xOffset' : 5,
      'yOffset' : 15,

where the offsets (which can be omitted if zero) specify the offset from the top-left of the anchor code.

(b) Absolutely positioning a popup video

No anchor is required, simply use the following property

      'location' : 1,

where the value (1 in this example) may be from 1-9 specifying one of 9 possible positions on the page (see the full property list for details)

Follow page scrolling

With popup video (and with custom content) the floating layer can either follow the page as the user scrolls it or not:

      'scroll' : true,

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