Setting up an Amazon S3 account

Why use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)?

Instead of serving video files from your own server you can use a storage service to do this for you. Amazon S3 is a low-cost, reliable service and by using it you can also use S3 authenticated URL's with OptinPlayer and RTMP streaming if desired.

Creating & setting up your Amazon S3 account

1. Sign Up for Amazon S3

Go to and click "Sign Up" for Amazon S3. Follow the instructions on-screen. You will be notified when your account is ready for use.

2. Create a Bucket

With Amazon S3 all files are stored in "Buckets". Sign in to your account and click the button "Create Bucket" and follow the instructions.

3. Upload your video

Click the name of the bucket you created and then click the "Upload" button. On the screen provided click the "Add Files" button and browse for your video to upload.

4. Set permissions

All Amazon S3 objects (in this case videos) have an "Access Control List" (ACL) and you must set the permissions correctly for visitors to playback your video. With your video uploaded into your bucket click on its name in the bucket screen, and click "Properties" on the top right.

On the right-hand side click the "Permissions" drop-down. If your intention is to allow everyone to be able to playback the video without using authenticated URL's then add a grantee "Everyone" with the "Open/Download" checkbox checked. In some third party applications used to manage your S3 account this is called "Read" access.

Using the Amazon S3 URL in OptinPlayer

In the properties screen of the bucket item, you will see the "Link" attribute listed, for example:

Just copy / paste this URL into the OptinPlayer source field, for example:

'flash' : '',

See the other sub-sections of this help topic to use authenticated URL's and RTMP with Amazon.

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