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About New Revisions and Upgrading OptinPlayer

New revisions are released frequently and are available in your account with the revision number and a link to this page to see what's new. Major updates will be announced to email subscribers and all updates announced in the forum.

To see which version you are using right-click on the video - you will see it in the context menu.

Upgrading is simple, just download the new OptinPlayer package, unzip it and upload it. We recommend strongly however that you first rename the existing OptinPlayer folder on your server to something like "optinplayer_previous". Then go ahead and test your projects with the new version. Always clear the browser cache before testing. Any problems just submit a support ticket at the link above.


Revision 4.00.19    [09 July 2013]
  1. Minor fixes to the playEvent and playEnd options

Revision 4.00.18    [07 July 2013]
  1. The API method isIdevice() extended to a new isHTML5device() which now includes all devices listed in the built in user list and not just Apple devices.
  2. A new user interface method added so that the user can extend from the embed code the list of HTML5 devices. This must be called just before the embed code itself, for example:
    var extendHTML5devices = {
       'Safari' : '',
       'Chrome' : ''
    Refer to the documentation for full detail.
  3. Logo object modified just to take 'logoHTML' instead of separate text or image options.

Revision 4.00.17    [30 June 2013]
  1. Overlays object added to user interface. This allows the addition of multiple video overlays with any content, dimensions, location and more. Currently flash only.

Revision 4.00.16    [25 June 2013]
  1. Remote hosting enabled - new option 'remoteHost' added (true/false).
  2. 'poster' (for html5 video), 'xOffset', 'yOffset' all added to the video rotator method.

Revision 4.00.15    [17 June 2013]
  1. New API method advUpdateSource() added which allows seamless updating of the video, such as when the pre-roll / out-roll method is used, or for a playlist etc.
  2. The 'i' (info) button on the flash control bar made optional.
  3. Addition of pre-roll / out-roll method and logo method to the embed interface.
  4. 'initialAudio' (true/false) option added.
  5. Full screen button on control bar made optional with option 'fsButton' (true/false).
  6. Added mute button to small control bar.
  7. Added option to specify whether a popup can be moved from its title or not 'titleMove' (true/false).
  8. Added callback function for the 'runOnClose' method. This allows the user to specify any JavaScript commands to be run when a popup is closed.

Revision 4.00.14    [10 May 2013]
  1. New property 'cookie' creates a cookie for either video or custom type (this is distinct from the cookie created for the display frequency).
  2. New method added to API 'op.getCookie()' to test for its value.

Revision 4.00.13    [01 May 2013]
  1. Popup title height default increased to 30px.
  2. New method added to API 'op.exist()' to test for instantiation of a given OptinPlayer instance.
  3. New option 'titleHeight' (px) added.
  4. New option 'titleTextColor' (hex) added.
  5. New option 'titleColor' (hex) added.

Revision 4.00.12    [22 April 2013]
  1. Multiple flash script updates and general improvements.

Revision 4.00.11    [19 April 2013]
  1. Some spurious display bugs fixed for i-devices, Safari and Chrome.

Revision 4.00.10    [13 April 2013]
  1. Small control bar modifications.
  2. 'playEnd' option added (JavaScript commands including redirect).
  3. 'iLink' added (URL that is redirected to when info button is clicked).
  4. 'lightbox' option can now be customized via css file in css folder 'oplayer.css' with the id 'ADPMask'.
  5. 'autoClose' added to options (true/false). This will automatically close a popup video if it is stopped or playback has finished.

Revision 4.00.07    [26 March 2013]
  1. Added the 'Video Rotator' method (version 1.0) which rotates through a list of videos per visit.

Revision 4.00.06    [21 March 2013]
  1. Fixed issue with RTMP streams finishing a couple of seconds too early.

Revision 4.00.04    [18 March 2013]
  1. Fixed issue with op.create() method when instance already exists.
  2. Fixed issue of custom content being set to embed type when embed option not defined.
  3. Fixed several IE8 issues.

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