Embedding Web Video in WordPress

Using a Plugin in WordPress for Video Embed Codes

Currently embedding OptinPlayer embed code into WordPress is done manually and is very easy, not much different from a normal webpage. Coming soon is a dedicated OptinPlayer WordPress plugin, but at the moment we recommend using a simple plugin that allows the easy addition of JavaScript embed codes to WordPress.

It is possible to simply add the code directly into a post also, and this is what has been done in the various examples in the blog. The problem here is that this must be done with the editor in text mode to prevent the HTML editor TinyMCE from changing it.

The plugin recommended is called Raw HTML Snippets. It is nice and easy to use and the code you add stays exactly as you added it. See this forum post about it.

Using OptinPlayer in WordPress

WordPress installations of OptinPlayer embed code are no different - all features are supported. However, ensure that you get the paths right to the OptinPlayer script and any images or custom popup contents etc that you use. We always recommend just using absolute URL's.

There is an example at the end of this post.

For a full list of options see here

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