Embed Web Video

The video is just embedded into the page at a specific point. We have used the same mp4 video for both Flash & HTML5 video so that Apple iOS and Android devices are supported:

Embed Code

Add the script to the <head> of your page
<script type="text/javascript" src="optinplayer/scripts/oplayer.js"></script>

Add the embed code to the <body> of your page

To embed your video add the code below to wherever you want it to appear:

<div id="simpleEmbed" style = "border:1px solid #000000"></div>
new oplayer('simpleEmbed').initialize(
      'content' : 'oplayer',
      'type' : 'embed',
      'display' : 'auto',
      'flash' : 'http://www.optinplayer.com/videos/smallParrot.m4v',
      'html5' : 'http://www.optinplayer.com/videos/smallParrot.m4v',
      'width' : 720,
      'height' : 480,
      'license' : '43559cc0a6c7acd1'

Just add your video and set the dimensions. Note the optional inline CSS used in the embed div to give a nice border.

For a full list of options see here

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