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"OptinPlayer has great features in it"
Tomer Shohatovitz:
Clip Marketing
As website owner whose part of his services include Web Spokespersons, I searched for a reliable video player that will give me the right stable solution that will fit all the different browsers available.

After researching the web for different solutions out there, I couldn't find one that compares to OptinPlayer.

The new OptinPlayer is amazing, the easiest to install on your website.

One of the most important criteria for me was to have a good and fast support for the product.

Joe, the owner of OptinPlayer which I'm working with for a couple of years now never let me down. He was always there to answer on the issues & questions.

OptinPlayer has great features in it. combining it with Joe's other products such as the OptinPlayer Projector and Advanced DHTML Popup - It's a must have tool for your website.

Super duper recommendation, easy to manage product.

"A truly fully compatible HTML 5 Video player"

We had utilised the Optin Player written by Joe Mercier of for our Advent Calendar in 2011 and we were impressed with the capabilities of this video player.

As you will be aware Apple, in their wisdom, made the playing of videos on their iPods, iPhones and iPads almost impossible as they do not support Flash, however, the Optin Player is fully HTML5 compliant and was able to play videos on these fantastic hand held devices.

At the time that our videos were ready for publishing Apple had very recently released their IOS5 operating system and the Optin Player software was neing upgraded to play videos on the Apple devices. We contacted the support department at and with the superb assistance of Joe Mercier, whom worked on the Optin Player software until we had what we see today, a truly fully compatible HTML 5 Video player, with a 'Play Video Again' button showing across all platforms at the close of each video.

It would be unfair to recommend the services of Joe and any other than being 'absolutely perfect', the service and determination to provide what we wished to achieve, with lengthy exchanges of emails, communicating at all times of the day and night was absolutely superb service.

"Best feature of all is the highly responsive tech support"
Terry Simpson - Video Producer:
I've been working with the Optinplayer (and its parent players) for more than 3 years and love the capabilities, the features, and what it can do for my clients. Best feature of all is the highly responsive tech support. It really is like having your own dev team as a safety net. They make it possible for me to do highly creative work with ease. Although we mostly develop Walk-On Videos, I look forward to working more with the interactive pop-ups in the future. I heartily endorse OptinPlayer!

See this great example at using the "Video Rotator option" to load a new video each time the page loads.

"Optin Player boosted conversion rates up 66.3%"
Jan Gregory PPC Lead Generation:
Optin Player boosted conversion rates up 66.3% for my client's Adwords landing pages. He was quite pleased since his adword clicks cost $21+ in his industry. So why did it work like gangbusters over previous landing page designs? I used Optin Player to create a mult-step approach, two pages, two CTA(Call to Action), and then we have two conversion rates. Optin Player made the first page commitment easy for the adword prospects. The CTA is only "Click Play". Simple as that.

Watching a video is something everyone does every day now. So it's a habit searchers develop, "Click Play" is a natural thing to do, and it's completely non-threatening. So conversions went way, way, way up on the 1st step page containing the video. Like 4 times more clicks

Optin Player gave me all the options I needed that you don't find in JW player and the rest. Optin Player has more options that any player out there, but specifically, here are the features I used for higher conversions.

1. The ability to redirect to the URL for the 2nd page when the video ends. Happens autmatically. So they hang on and wait for the new page to Open.

2. Splash image option, this allowed me to create a custom "Click Play" image that was more appealing that a standard embedded video player.

3. Optin Player allows adding a second video source file fine-tuned for playing on smartphones and iPad. And mobile use is moving up; in some niches 20% or more of the visitor profiles on Adwords are arriving with Smartphones or iPad tablets.

4. I could add a Clicky tracking goal right into the Optin Player code. Click tracks all the Play Clicks for me, and then I get accurate converion stats, and it's all in the same funnel with the keyword searched, the 1st page visitor stats, and then finally the 2nd page stats

Now, the reason this multi-step landing page with video works so well... people are resisting the push-push sales technique now. Overloaded I suppose. But with multi-step we're not asking for anything on the First Step. Rather we offer something of value, that is only revealed in the video. Just what you see done with product launches spread over days that use infomercial style videos.

But with Adwords, we want to move it right to the final conversion of a phone call or an email optin. The URL redirect kicks in automatically, taking them right on to the Second page where we make the offer and ask for the lead. With 66.3% clicking Play, a number do drop-out without waiting to the end, but the final conversion still went up 154% more new fresh leads on the second page than the previous one-page lander. My client was a happy camper indeed.