Video Embed & Popup Code Wizard

Quickly generate your embed codes for either video or custom popups by filling out a few basic details. Click generate to create the code and copy / paste into your page.
If the initial video or custom layer is not visible then refresh the page.

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Additional notes:

1. The wizard includes only the most important options, but is being added to frequently - for a full list of options see here

2. If you are making a popup video and want the visitor to be able to close it, you must select the title option so that the close button appears outside of the video (otherwise the iPad will not close the popup).

You can, if you want, make the title transparent so that it is not seen, and only the close button is visible. You can also set the height of the title to accomodate your close button (which can be any image you want).

You can set the color of the title and the title text also - see the full options list.

You can have the title only appear on iDevices, or just on the iPad, with a very simple modification to the option - see the documentation or contact us at the support link for help.

3. The wizard uses an embed anchor for embedded videos at the top automatically - get the code from the output above and place in the page where you need the video to display, e.g.:

<div id="project1"></div>

4. For popup video the location is selected in the wizard, or you can anchor the popup to the embed div above, by adding the 'anchored' option.